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What do you consider citizen art and vandalism? Should there be more leeway to allow residents to put up art works and installations in HDB estates?

As long as the outcome and intention are positive, and careful thought was put on safety and health, I would say go do it... I'd rather see our new generation use their talent and take initiative in a responsible and gutsy way than wait for permission for everything in life.

Annie Chan

It is not wrong to put up art in HDB estates, but get permission first... At the end of the day, it is about safety - should the art cause harm to the public, who is going to be responsible?

Normy Noor Mohamed

Nobody, no matter how well meaning, should be free to install anything on public property. It's about respect for others, and not your entitlement. What you consider "art" may be offensive to others.

LJ DeOon

I must give credit to the Government that administers a good balance of art space without disfiguring our clean HDB environment. If we open up space for anyone to do their "creative arts", there's no way we can draw the line between vulgar graffiti and creative expression.

KM Chia

Do you agree that the SG Secure campaign tagline does not instil confidence in the authorities? What can be done to get more people on board the SG Secure initiative?

When terrorism arrives, our response to it matters. Do we hide our heads in holes like ostriches and pretend nothing is happening?

Or do we prepare ourselves for the worst, so when terrorism really strikes us, we are ready to take the shock, damage, deaths and injuries, and take a deep breath and face it?

Loh Wai Poon

I agree that it is quite defeatist. A more invigorating slogan that can instill confidence would be to convey the message that no force on earth will disunite us.

Patrick Goh

Should there be more stringent checks on foreigners who wish to become teachers?

Foreigners who want to become teachers in Singapore must first have been practising teachers in their country of origin. Second, they must have proficiency in the English language.

Lloyd Sam

What about our local teachers? Shouldn't we do something to increase the retention rate and address the resignations?

Elizabeth Tan

Screen the educators, especially on their passion and moral stand. A job in education is not about money generation; at its core is passion, integrity and morality.

Serena Choo

Retain the local good teachers. Give them more school support instead of scaring them off with a heavy workload.

Sarah Tan

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