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Do condo residents have high expectations of condo living? How can these be moderated to create a more pleasant environment?

They may feel that their expectations are commensurate with the price they paid for their unit and maintenance fees. A good solution would be to manage expectations and spell things out clearly upfront and regularly.

Theo De Roza

How should success be defined? Should there be a social checklist of what it means to be successful?

I would define a successful life in the same way as I would a successful athletic career: by the possession and accumulation of material things: the number of gold medals, academic marks, and the number of victories.

However, life is not only about success but also contentment, love, family, hope, faith and all of the intangible sentiments that one can never acquire from riches or possessions.

Zhou Hongjie

The success of a person is benchmarked against his aim. Set your aim and maximise your potential. Live a life of no regrets.

Wilfred Liew

Success is an overrated concept to measure and label someone's life. Life is a never-ending progression and your priorities are constantly changing. Success is just one part of your life phase - like a pitstop. I like the term "evolve" rather than success.

William Apriando

Being an inspiration to many others when you are extremely good at what you do. To me, that's success.

Leesan Wong

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