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How can the teaching of literature be tweaked to make it more appealing?

I disagree with turning literature into a "populist" subject and making it more appealing or interesting so as to entice more students to take it up... While examination techniques and grading in literature are very subjective and stringent, I believe they serve only to motivate us to write more critically and think deeper.

Ian Wong

Be a lot more generous with grading and you'll see more interest in the subject. Most students are very pragmatic when it comes to choosing areas of study that will help make their results look great.

Ellenca Tan Li-An

You have to analyse texts in that manner to milk its meaning... It is the technique of analysis that gives literature its meaning - it is a code that needs to be deciphered down to every syllable.

Gabriel Sim

A writer feels that the Sungei Road flea market should not be closed down. Are there other icons that are worth preserving?

In land-scarce Singapore, there has to be a balance between preserving heritage and making way for development. There is nothing iconic about Sungei Road flea market - it is just a motley collection of stalls selling second-hand goods.

Au Kah Kay

It is a piece of Singapore we should keep. Pieces and pieces have been taken away along the years. If more pieces of Singapore were to be taken away, we are left with minimal culture and history.

Carol Lim

Culture is changing and evolving with time, though we cannot keep old places like Sungei Road flea market. We lose this thing and gain in other things. We cannot say we are void of identity because we are unable to preserve the old.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Is there a lack of pedestrian crossings in Singapore? What can be done to keep elderly pedestrians safe on the road?

There is a lack of pedestrian crossings at convenient locations. Nobody wants to take the longer route when there is a shorter one that saves time and energy.

Christina Teh

Everyone should be more aware and safety conscious while driving or walking along the road. Drivers should show more patience and tolerance... If both sides can be more safety conscious and patient, fewer accidents may happen.

Peter Tan

For a start, have more overhead bridges with lifts. Then you can fence off these roads with dividers... As for seniors who jaywalk, we need to keep educating them and also motorists to be on the look-out.

Jimmy Tan Eng Swee

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