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When should the Ministry of Education intervene on issues of internal school policy? Does this undermine principals' autonomy?

Being trusted to do the job is not the same as being given unfettered discretion... The principal is accountable to the Education Ministry, the parents and students, and should be able to justify his actions.

Charis Mun

I believe most principals are competent... But at times, we do see things which are not right. So, it is good if there is a channel to address those issues.

Jason Lee

Parents are the worst lot. They dictate to teachers and principals how they should treat their children. They also interfere in many things... The Education Ministry should give warnings that such behaviour can't be tolerated.

Huey Yap

Do you agree that cohesiveness does not come by chance? How can we foster a closer community spirit?

Cohesiveness comes from racial, social and ethnic tolerance. Without any one of these, you can't have cohesiveness.

Reginald Ashton

Have friends from another race. Participate in one another's cultural and religious festivities and help one another in times of need.

Francis Chong

If you truly want to be "one", it must come from the individual's willingness to do away with what is apparently different and be like everyone else in the community.

Pamela Sim

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