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Should students be grouped according to their academic abilities?

No. Academic ability is not the only characteristic that defines students. That narrow-minded thinking will foster students with a limited mindset.

- Ian Ng

People have different inclinations. Some may be good with languages while some are good in sciences. The classes which students are allocated to may have to change for different lessons and this may pose difficulties for administration.

- Siah Jin Kim

Should the authorities lift the ban on long-term visits by HIV-positive visitors? What can be done to support HIV patients here and create a more compassionate society?

I think the issue here is the lack of awareness about this disease.

I don't agree with banning or imposing legal restrictions on HIV-positive patients.

Rather, it should be about educating both patients and society, and promoting safe sex, as well as not discriminating against those with HIV.

- Nina Rose

No, we shouldn't lift the ban. It is better to be safe than sorry. Some things, you just can't be compassionate about.

- Justin Koh

It all depends if they are a liability. If they spread the disease with casual sex, then it will be a problem. However, the challenge is how to monitor their activities.

- Peter Tan

Is it fair to allow able-bodied people the use of disability toilets in certain circumstances?

I don't see anything wrong with able-bodied people using the toilet, provided there is no wheelchair user in need of it.

- Clarice Viola Pereira

There have been occasions when I used a disability toilet to keep my children together when everyone needed to use the toilet. If a disabled person was waiting to use it, without question, they would have priority. What I find unacceptable is the use of disability toilets as smoking rooms.

- Karen Li

The most despicable thing is that the able-bodied use the toilets and dirty them. It is inconvenient for someone in a wheelchair to have to clean the toilet bowl.

People with disabilities must have their space.

- Ignatius Ferroa

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