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When it comes to hongbao, is it just the thought that counts? Are people expecting too much when receiving hongbao?

Giving hongbao has evolved from a traditional gesture of good luck to how much is in that packet. More so for children who look forward to this yearly "bonus", with some preferring to forgo overseas holidays for the red packet.

Harry Chia

It is not the amount of money inside the hongbao that counts. To be given a hongbao is (to be given) luck! A real shame that the receivers of hongbao nowadays think it is how much money inside that counts.

Bridgette Ng Wood

$2 is just a token of blessing. When I was young, I received 40 cents in hongbao money. People like us are retirees and have no stable income. Visiting relatives and friends should not expect more than what we can afford to give.

Ivan Ong

Give within your means and what you feel comfortable with.

Peter Tan

A writer says we should be ready to point out ungracious acts in public, as our silence may encourage more people to commit such acts. Do you agree?

Speak up once, but be mindful of our words. If the other party becomes hostile, walk away. No need to take pictures and have it Stomped. Having campaigns like in the 70s is a good idea too.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Simply not advisable to confront a culprit of bigger size, as he can easily retaliate violently and hurt you badly. I suggest you take a photo of him (secretly) and pass it to the authorities as soon as possible for action.

Stephen FY Teng

To encourage people to speak out at every wrong they notice is tantamount to public policing and dangerous... Who is to judge what an "ungracious act" is? What is normal to one individual may be offensive to others and vice versa... To encourage such actions may lead to anarchy.

Sarmukh Singh

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