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Would you send your child to a mega childcare centre? What benefits or drawbacks would such a centre have over a smaller one?

My younger son attended a church kindergarten. Small in numbers but he had a very dedicated principal and teachers.

Much prefer a smaller pre-school. When there's an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease, it's easier to control.

Marcus Chang

Such a beautiful daycare centre. How is it that we didn't have this kind of daycare centre when we were toddlers?

Be grateful that we are going to have a few.

Francis Chong

I always thought a mega daycare centre is a big area where there are multiple daycare centres/schools which parents can choose from.

Nuri Iko

Such establishments should prioritise quality over quantity... hence, a stringent selection of teachers should be done to ensure quality isn't compromised.

But more importantly, it's the teacher to child ratio which will define whether quality care and education can be provided.

A good ratio will also attract quality educators who are keen to sharpen their practice in a manageable and conducive work environment.

Mohammad Aizat Hashim

What do students need to know before they start a part-time job? How can we ensure that these students are not treated unfairly by companies?

Since most of them are under 21, make it mandatory for parents or guardians to endorse the job contract.

Yuen Chuen

Equipping students with basic labour law knowledge will benefit them, as well as give them the confidence to stand up for themselves when the company is giving them a hard time.

Joshua Loh

Some effective enforcement on errant companies would be a good deterrent.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

Students also have to understand that although they are protected, just like full-time employees, they have to do a proper job and not try to take advantage of the system.

SG Subbuteo

What are some impediments to work-life balance? What are some good practices workplaces can adopt?

A good practice to adopt would be to actually measure how much work gets done, the quality of it, and the return on cost (overtime salary, utility bills, taxi-fare claims, and so on) versus any profit the company gained from all the extra hours put in by staff.

No point being happy to see someone physically there, when he's actually costing you money. You can't improve what you don't track.

Theo De Roza

With most companies emphasising productivity and revenue, work-life balance is difficult. There are ways to improve this but, ultimately, it must start with the management.

Max Li

In this corporate rat race, when you are working to feed your family... would you dare to leave the office before your boss? The key is to work smart and not hard, to survive in this competitive culture.

Sangha Vandana

If you use the word "work", it implies that it is a chore... The real solution is find a role that works for you and your personality - then it would not be work.

Mark Forsyth

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