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Should HDB flat owners be allowed to keep pet cats? How can the welfare of animals and the needs of residents be balanced?

Instead of seizing pet cats from owners, make it mandatory for the cats' owners to mesh up all windows or install grilles within a specified timeframe. Fine those owners who allow their cats to roam around without supervision.

CheRyl Peh

How is it even a debate whether cats can be kept in apartments? Cats by nature are clean and quiet - perfect apartment pets. The real issue here is that irresponsible pet owners face no consequences at the moment. Put a heavy penalty on irresponsible behaviour and abandonment. All pet owners should be responsible for their animals just as parents are for their children.

Angela Toy

They are cats. Not leopards or pumas... Communal living is a lot of give and take. Pets are part of communal living too.

Jeffrey Yeo

I don't think the way to manage this is to ban animals. Rather, have conflict management techniques between the neighbours. If we continue to remove every small offending thing, we might not be left with anything.

Dershie Qu

Cats just walk into our kitchen as they like, and urinate on our corridors. We have to live in our own home as prisoners by fencing and closing the doors... Dogs will listen and obey when trained, but not cats.

Govindan Ugresunno

A dog must be kept on a lead, and must not be a dangerous breed. The owner must clean up its mess, and it is not allowed to wander the streets unsupervised.

A cat owner has none of these obligations, which explains the angst of neighbours, because when allowed to roam indiscriminately, cats tend to shed fur, defecate or urinate in public areas, and also caterwaul and inconvenience neighbours.

Sangha Vandana

Is there a piece of Singapore's past that you have observed to be disappearing?

The pasar malam of old, with several days of wayang, where you can eat your cheng tng, pulut hitam and so on by the roadside. Under the wayang stage, you can find cockles freshly dipped in boiling water for you to dip in spicy chilli sauce, and the occasional gambling stall where you might make a little fortune.

Robert Lok

Pasar malam - good old days, butter maize, mua chee, pulut hitam, and fishball kway teow soup cooked over charcoal. Food cooked over charcoal tastes much, much better.

Many buildings, architecture and art pieces were lost with urbanisation. It would be great if they can be preserved.

Pamela Sim

In many other countries, places from centuries ago still stand... You can look at these places as a waste of money-making space, or you can see them as structures that represent the roots of the people, and potential for tourism.

In Singapore, so many of the places I grew up with (let's not even venture to places my parents knew!) are gone... Is it really home when you have no emotional connection to anything anymore?

Dare Chia

Each generation creates its own ways, which will be deemed as the "old ways" by the next generation. Is there a need to artificially stop ways from evolving, especially if the old ways no longer meet the needs of the current generation? Let the ways evolve to suit the unique needs of each generation.

Tsu Teo

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