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What factors do you consider when you buy food? Is expensive food better and healthier?

I always compare prices and select the cheaper ones. Non-branded does not mean bad quality; cheaper does not mean unhealthy.

Siti Nor'aini A S

If it's a staple food , there should be a social responsibility to keep the cost affordable for low-wage earners. There should be a national watchdog to prevent profiteering.

Sergio Laxande Tasler

I check the label for the ingredients that go into it and where the food was produced, before purchasing. I have noticed certain higher price brands have higher salt and sugar content, which I avoid. For me, conscious choices are based on these factors. But fresh vegetables/ meat/fruit are my preferred choice to frozen and tinned food.

Lynn Flint-Sung

A writer says people too often see drug addicts as criminals, and ignore the human problems behind the crime. Do you agree? How can society better help those who abuse drugs?

Humans are complex. We need to rehabilitate drug addicts, not condemn them as social failures and bad influences. Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past.

Chen Xue Wen

It would not be fair to say all drug addicts are criminals without finding out what led them to become one. Proper counselling and guidance can help them turn over a new leaf, but without help, they may never be able to change .

Peter Tan

I have counselled many young drug addicts and sadly, 80 per cent get back into drugs less than a month after leaving the drug rehabilitation centre. It takes lots of patience and an extremely tough rehabilitation regimen to get them to conform. Also, it has to be ensured that they stay away from their old friends.

John Ng

Only love can make them love their future. Whether it's from their families or friends or society, they need love.

Maria Angelique Lieke

Should polyclinics treat young children separately from other patients? What are the pros and cons of this?

This would be wonderful. Babies and children tend to have lower immunity. And in polyclinics, they are exposed to all types of infections. If the waiting time could be improved, it would be good too, as children cannot sit still for too long.

Jessica Pay

Polyclinics are for all and there should be no priority. If one group asks for separate treatment, then, seniors, reservists, the disabled and pregnant women would also start making similar demands. There will be no end to it. Others who wait patiently may get frustrated over such priority treatment.

Sangha Vandana

I think the problem that needs to be tackled is the waiting time. One can wait two to three hours just to see a doctor.

Cheryl-Mabel Lim

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