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How can the local media and art industry better compete and continue to draw Singapore viewers?

Local shows have uninteresting narratives and mediocre talent... These must improve, and it requires some soul-searching from the higher-ups to give creatives a chance to explore their ideas.

Nor Azman

Open up the playing field. Give private equity investors incentives to put their money in the arts, entertainment and broadcast industry. Encourage independent production houses to become full-fledged broadcasters. Make broadcast licensing easier and more liberal to encourage competition in the field.

Kelvin Ang

Send our scriptwriters to other major networks to learn how they come up with great ideas and stories.

Everyone here just plays it safe. But prim and proper do not make for compelling content. We already have laws against indecent and inflammatory content, plus strict libel laws. Don't break the law, but don't be afraid to explore either.

Winston Goh

Will schemes like rebates and points entice more people to use mobile payment apps? How can awareness of such apps be raised?

Most establishments have only one mode of mobile payment. I am an iPhone user but places I have visited accept only Samsung Pay. The focus should be on how we can integrate two different modes into one to entice mobile phones users to whip out their phones.

Caroline Tan

The biggest problem with mobile-payment apps is you can't count on being able to use them. Which system you have access to depends on what phone you have, and you're also limited by which stores will accept them. There is also the fear that mobile devices are susceptible to theft, which may lead to the loss of personal account information.

Sangha Vandana

Persuade small businesses like indie cafes and dress shops to offer such payment modes with lower transaction fees.

Kenneth Chan

Should security officers be given powers to arrest? How can we raise the professionalism of this group of people and how can they earn more respect?

Some degree of authority should be given to the security guards, for example, to detain people till police officers come to take over... The company or agency that employs them should bear all responsibility and accountability for the staff they employ.

Desmond Ballack Ching

It would be better to encourage the use of citizen's arrest. There already are limited numbers of security officers, but our citizens are everywhere. Professionalism, respect and prestige-wise... it stems from what an officer does that causes the view people give him.

Theo De Roza

While improving the image of the security line is good, we would not want a security officer feeling short-changed that he/she is doing police work while getting much lower pay, a poorer image and worse working conditions.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

People's idea of a security guard is someone who is like a domestic cat rather than a tiger - powerless to arrest anyone because they do not have the authority to do so, compared to the men in blue. So they may challenge or even refuse to listen to the guard.

Peter Tan

Why do younger shoppers use the lane reserved for senior citizens? How can supermarkets enforce the priority queue policy?

Priority lane should be located away from other counters. Have a sign informing younger customers that they will be attended to last if they queue at the priority lane. It's only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Krishnan Gurusamy

Apart from visible signage, it may also be useful if there are lined coloured lanes, possibly wordings on the floor. Some announcements in the store could also help create awareness to the shoppers. Takes time for all to learn and cultivate habits.

Heimi Oo

If it is a priority queue, then it just means the senior citizens get to move to the front, and not that young people cannot use the queue. They just have to give way to those who have priority.

Jonathan Wong

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