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Will the move to look beyond academic qualifications marginalise university education? How can we better increase equality between graduate and non-graduate employees?

What is the value of an academic qualification? What is the value of a vocational skill? At the end of the day, both serve as proof of one's capability and value.

No one is going to employ anyone based on word of mouth. A university degree or polytechnic diploma is, thus, proof that this prospective employee is worth hiring.

There is no significant difference between the two of them based on criteria for employment.
- Tan Kwan Wei Kevin

In Western countries, blue-collar workers can earn as much as white-collar ones. Over in Asia, the paper pushers always earn more.
- Jason Lee

Has interest in sports fizzled out since the close of the SEA Games? What can be done to ensure more interest in local sports and support for our athletes?

I suggest longer PE lessons so that students can be exposed to more types of sports other than basic running or cardio exercises. This should start from primary school since children that age have a lot of energy and are not yet exposed to too many technological devices.
- Izah Lahh

Sports are mainly pursued by amateurs and for recreation here, and not on a professional scale like in many other countries. More government support is needed. Athletes need to take care of their rice bowls, too.
- Peter Tan

With tourists increasingly turning to the Internet and bypassing traditional services, how can tour guides remain relevant?

In Singapore, tour guides may be applicable only in areas such as the Botanic Gardens and national museums, where they can educate tourists about local culture and history, which cannot be explained adequately by online guides.
- KH Chew

If I go overseas, the first thing I look for is not a tour guide, but a 3G SIM card... Whatever info I need, I just Google it... Sad to say, tour guides need retraining to switch to another industry before it is too late.
- Johnson Chong

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