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What are the characteristics of a quality workforce? How can employers go about creating one?

A quality workforce will have a significant number of people with deep mastery of skills. It consists of highly-focused people with a clear understanding of their career goals, who have a clear plan, and who continually focus on building or improving the skills needed to achieve their career goals.

Koh Tian Le

Get rid of those who play politics, gossip and back-stab.

Employees do this because they're not kept fully occupied. And it's bad for those who actually do work, as it lowers morale and makes the workplace toxic, which means that the company might just lose its good staff.

Reduce the need to do overtime, as this will free employees to better themselves by learning or improving their skills.

Invest in staff training and be open to new ideas from your staff.

Theo De Roza

Employers need to be keen to develop, invest and be patient with employees who have different individual characteristics.

This means trying to find a balance between getting results and developing talents.

Mohamad Syahid Arif

Staff should figure out the boss' and business' needs. Once you develop yourself to value add, most bosses will pay to retain you. Stop asking what your boss can do for you first. That is immature and you will always get stuck at the bottom.

Teddy Chung

Do you receive spam messages? Why do many people choose not to report them?

The spam messages I receive are mostly advertisements. There may be an "unsubscribe" option, but why waste money to send that SMS? Simply block that number.

While the Do-Not-Call registry helps, spam messages are still meant to be ignored.

Ong ZK

I have reported cases to spf_police_information@spf.gov.sg and always get a response that they will look into it. An inspector even called me back to assure me that I will be OK, as one message from a loan shark was threatening and frightening. Thank you Singapore Police Force.

Cph Angela

Only threatening spam or those with possible ties to crime should get reported to the authorities. Otherwise, they should just be ignored.

Lester Thean

Should meal delivery services be halted in bad weather? How can food couriers be better protected?

Impose a surge pricing mechanism for the delivery of food items during bad weather - with the service price increasing from light rain to heavy thunderstorm.

This will reduce the demand for food deliveries in bad weather and lower the risk of riders on wet roads. Also, all delivery staff should be covered by third-party insurance.

Robert Lim

If the deliveryman is riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, then it is unsafe to deliver when there is poor weather. I believe that even if these are gig jobs, the welfare of these workers should be looked after.

Yuelin Chen

If a company invests in a covered vehicle, there will not be any problem delivering food during bad weather. If entrepreneurs want their business to grow and succeed, they need to invest. When customers know that you deliver food even in bad weather but that the meals are packed inside a covered vehicle, it will result in more orders.

Peter Tan

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