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Do you think special needs children should undergo compulsory primary education? Would that create a culture of inclusiveness in society?

It will be good if circumstances and conditions for inclusive education are first developed and brought to fruition before the law is enforced. This will likely raise the success of inclusive education.

Goh Swee Heng

It is an asset for everyone to go to school regardless of his or her physical condition.

Peter Tan

Do you think that e-scooters should be allowed on MRT trains at all times? How can the public transport system accommodate the increasing number of wheelchairs, personal mobility devices and bicycles in the MRT?

In the first place, why are wheelchairs placed in the same category as e-scooters and bicycles? Wheelchairs are a necessity for those with disabilities or the elderly. E-scooters are for people too lazy to walk.

Gina Leong

Saying no to e-scooters on board is akin to saying no luggage or large bags allowed. They all are just personal belongings. How can Singapore can be car-lite when this topic is even brought up. Rather than disallowing belongings on board, why not spend the time thinking of ways to increase capacity? That's a real game changer.

Sylvester Poh

I guess, its all up to the users to use their common sense... if the trains are packed during peak period, try to avoid travelling during those times. There are many models of e-scooters and wheelchairs, and some are quite huge... maybe only certain models can be allowed to travel at all times.

Siti Nor'aini A S

First, you need to be sure that there's existing additional capacity in our trains during peak hours which can cater to all the additional PMDs. There needs to be a proper system of priority and management in the event that there is insufficient capacity. Second, commuters cannot be made to bear any additional cost or to subsidise such use of the trains. Is it fair to allow able-bodied users to have the option to occupy double the space at a time when space on the train is at a premium?

Charis Mun

A writer says Singapore should do away with bendy buses as he thinks they take up more space and are less manoeuvrable. Do you agree? What are the pros and cons of such buses?

Bendy buses are better and in fact solve jams. This is because there are three doors on a bendy bus which allow for faster boarding and alighting. This means shorter stays at bus stops compared with double deckers.

Furthermore, double deckers have an added problem of passengers who do not move to the upper deck, resulting in fully packed lower decks and relatively empty upper decks.

Jeffrey Ng

Double-deckers should be deployed for services where passengers travel long distances so they go upstairs.

Bendy buses should be for services where passengers travel short distances, for example, feeder services. It's all about the deployment of buses based on the type of bus services.

Kelvin Tham

The most important thing is to make sure buses come on time... and without more than five minutes of waiting time per bus.

Wong Yking

I have to agree with having more double decker buses; but the question is whether most routes are able to accommodate the double deckers without any obstruction.

Rick Low

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