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Volunteering is known to be an enriching experience. Why aren't more people offering their time and experience?

Most people already find that they have little time for the family. How much time is there left for volunteer work? Practically none.

James Wang

Volunteering may be enriching for some, but draining for others. People who volunteer may feel more burned-out than enriched.

Yap Thian Beng

People may see that being a volunteer is to take on the problems of others and may be overwhelmed by it. They shy away from being present in person, preferring to give money instead.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

What ails the Lions? Is the lack of strong strikers the only issue?

We are called the Lions, but we play like kittens that are scared of losing. Winning or losing is normal in football. But the pride of going at it like a lion going after its prey is missing. Start teaching the cubs and they will grow up to be mighty Lions.

Fauzi Taib

The bottom line is that the players are not good enough, in all departments.

Adam Peace

Poor management in the Football Association of Singapore.

Neil McCormack

There is no football structure, no football budget, no football culture. Simple.

Eugene Tan

Tactical issues like finding a good playmaker and so on can be resolved. The bigger problem is with strategic issues, like the lack of proper grassroots support for youth development.

Bing Cheng

Do consumers benefit when public entities are privatised? What are the pros and cons of privatisation?

Any corporate move can have benefits. It is the objective and ethics behind it that matter.

Dare Chia

Privatisation, when done right, works well, but it is is not a blanket solution for the problems of poorly performing public-sector organisations. The success of any privatisation arrangement is dependent on the sincerity of a government to pursue it with good policy implementation, and the support, cooperation and understanding of the citizenry. At the onset, the bite of privatisation may be hard, but in the long run, the benefits are multifarious.

Sangha Vandana

Public organisations have a duty to serve their customers directly and not depend on third parties through outsourcing.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

I am not sure privatisation can be equated with outsourcing. The former is much more drastic and has, consequently, more far-reaching repercussions.

Moses Lemuel

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