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Should Cabinet ministers be freed from municipal duties so they can focus on managing their ministries?

I disagree with the suggestion. The purpose of electing an MP is so that residents can air their issues through Meet-the-People sessions and MPs can bring the issues to Parliament for debate.

- Daniel Goh

MPs and ministers should not manage town councils. Leave it to the experts, just like how, for example, condominiums are managed by qualified agencies.

- Edwardo Lee

Ministers should be experts and be fully involved in the ministries they represent. A health ministry should be handled by someone with a health background, and an education ministry should be led by someone with formal education training.

If we talk about our ministers being a league of CEOs, then we should look at private-sector CEOs for how they lead firms based on their experience. When that becomes the case, municipal duties should then be removed from ministers.

- Shao Wei Li

Should doctors place patients' health and well-being over the patients' desires? How can both parties exercise their beliefs in the consultation room?

Ultimately, it boils down to doctor-patient communication: Doctors need to convince their patients to adopt healthier habits and lifestyles, without being haughty and imposing, while patients need to understand that most doctors mean well.

- See Yi Xiang

The patients know their bodies best. Doctors must listen to their patients with keen ears and prescribe drugs as a last resort.

Advising patients to eat healthier is a better alternative to drugs... Doctors and patients must work in tandem.

- Francis Chong

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