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Should Black Friday sales be organised in Singapore in a big way? What can bricks-and- mortar stores do to compete against online shops?

Thinking it is bricks-and-mortar stores versus online shops is silly. It is all about retail innovation. It is about being creative and innovative to enhance the buying experience.

Ee Seng Koh

What retail stores forget is that people buy what they see and impulse buying does occur during the Black Friday craze. They may come in for one or two items but walk out with 10.

Belinda Tang

We should try to spruce up our very own Great Singapore Sale (GSS), instead of following what other countries are doing. Shorten the GSS period and increase the discounts.

Shi Yee Ong

How about a Black-out Friday instead? Something with a uniquely Singaporean twist, where not only are the prices in shopping outlets slashed, but also those for daily amenities such as groceries, petrol, transport fares, food in eateries, and so on.

Fizzy Enzo Lumpkins

What are some barriers that discourage companies from adopting flexi-work arrangements? How can firms be persuaded to introduce such arrangements? What are some workplace practices you've experienced that encourage work-life balance?

The Government has the schemes in place but on the ground, the situation is not very encouraging. Also, some schemes have flaws. Telecommuting schemes allow you to work from home for only two days; you must be in the office the other three days.

The only good scheme is the one with flexible starting times, where staff can choose between 7am and 9.30am to start work, and work 81/2 hours a day, excluding the lunch hour.

Jess Lee

Having a flexi-work scheme is easy, but staff getting approval for it is another thing.

Tay Boon Heng

If I don't see you in the office, I would think that you are not working.

Teddy Chung

It boils down to trust and the kiasu Singaporean mentality. Can you trust your staff to do their work so that your company still earns a profit with the flexible work arrangements? Sadly, Singapore just doesn't have that culture yet.

Edward Wong

How do family norms and expectations play a part in fostering gender inequality in society and workplaces? How can family gender roles be recalibrated for a more conducive environment for gender equality?

I was at the toys section in a department store and all the toys for boys were the usual, such as cars, action hero figurines, and so on. And the toys for girls? Vacuum cleaners, cooking toys, ironing boards.

Joey Sim

There are also many women who hide behind gender norms by saying that national service is the responsibility of men, or that childbirth is as good as NS.

YangYan Zheng

Gender is a social construct used to explain and justify men's dominance over women across all dimensions of society. Women are no more inclined or able to cook, clean and care than men are to protect, provide and punish.

It is time for individuals and institutions to embrace and support diversity in family life for the benefit of all.

Sangha Vandana

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