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Should some form of compensation be given to family caregivers, especially those who leave the workforce to provide care? What sort of support would they need?

Emotional support; someone to take over once in a while, so that caregivers can have time of their own to do their own thing.

Audrey Hon

Help may be in the form of subsidies for the purchase and installation of elder-safe amenities and equipment that make taking care of the elderly easily done by a single person.

Luchily Lip

Is it sustainable for the state to compensate caregivers for taking care of their own parents, considering our population is ageing rapidly?

It makes more economic sense for people to be earning an income and to pay for a domestic helper who can learn the skills required to better care for the elderly.

James Lohe

When we say "family caregivers", it should not refer only to those who look after their parents.

Those who look after children who are severely handicapped or spouse/siblings who are bedridden should be considered too.

Many leave their jobs, as getting a helper is too expensive... any form of compensation will definitely be much appreciated.

Siti Nor'aini A S

What values can Singapore learn from the world, and what should we guard against? How can we maintain our national identity amid globalisation and influences from other countries?

It is essential that Singapore understands what led to the rise of Mr Donald Trump and other similar phenomena. Never underestimate the painful cries of the suffering working and middle classes.

Syed Alwi Ahmad

Continue to encourage unity and a joint future for all Singaporeans, regardless of race or religion...

Foreigners must be able to not only contribute economically but also respect our laws and cultures, and, in the long run, be assimilated into our society.

Elliot Jhuen Weng Goon

Learn teamwork from the Japanese, financial prudence from the Germans, innovation from the Americans, and patriotism from the South Koreans.

Vince Ng

What do you do at work to ensure you stay healthy? What measures can employers put in place to keep their workers healthy?

Employers should allow staff to have (some time off) to go for a run or to cycle, or do some other physical activity.

This will really push people to exercise, as many find it difficult to do so after work.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

For small firms, perhaps the Government can sponsor some healthy food for workers.

For bigger companies or employers with (bigger budgets), they can start by ensuring that there is plenty of mineral water or sugarless green tea for staff to drink.

Edwina Koh

It is the responsibility of each person to take care of his own health and not depend on others to do it for them.

Peter Tan

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