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What factors do you consider when deciding how much food to cater during events? How can food wastage be minimised?

Simply use the RSVP to decide the per-head ordering, and up 10 per cent as a buffer, just in case.

Work with volunteer organisations and deliver the excess food to them after the events, but please ensure you select food that is still fit for consumption and pack the food in hygienic boxes or containers.

Sangha Vandana

Make sure the food is delicious and served in proper portions. The main reason for leftover food is its mediocre taste.

Jeremy Lai

Always ask for takeaway boxes from the caterer and get diners or staff to take home any leftovers. It's also important to educate your children, our next generation, not to waste food.

Felicia Chew

It's not really a matter of deciding how much, but rather, the idea of "face". It does not look good on the host(s) if the buffet is all empty. It means guests are not adequately fed...

Tan Wei Qiang

A writer suggests that a purely meritocratic society that selects individuals for positions based on merit alone is a contradiction to inclusiveness. Do you agree? How can there be inclusiveness while also ensuring the best person gets the job?

When a candidate cannot run for a position because of his race, then that is not inclusive but rather exclusive.

Selecting the best person for the job should always be the priority, and ensuring all Singaporeans have the opportunity to contest for such a role ensures equality, regardless of race.

Barry Smyth

Say, you have only one position and 10 applicants who are equally good. If 10 per cent of them are a "minority", the odds that a minority will get selected for that position are 10 per cent, whereas there is a 90 per cent chance that the "majority" is going to get that position.

Hence, inclusivity must include the use of affirmative action to ensure the minority do not always lose out on odds.

Hwai Jiin Lee

What techniques can youngsters employ to cope with strong emotions like anger? How can schools help them manage these emotions?

Parents and teachers... are the prime examples children will follow. So, the next time you feel irritated, think before you make your next move...

There is a fine line between being firm and showing temper and rudeness. Educate by example; mere words don't cut it in this case.

J SP Filmer

Having psychologists drop in during school assembly would be helpful.

Stress rears its ugly head when some children have problems dealing with anger and stress. It adds up.

Lai Yin Lee

Self-control and self-responsibility are the most important life skills anyone can employ to cope with strong emotions as well as deal with life in general...

Some techniques to deal with anger/emotionally overwhelming situations:

Imagine the anger or strong emotions as a red balloon floating away; force yourself to breathe so the mind can refocus; walk away; imagine the emotion going in a small keyhole and out the other way; channel the pent-up emotion into a hobby.

Christine Chan

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