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Does the introduction of a nationwide locker system mean more convenience for online shoppers? What are the pros and cons of having such a system?

I absolutely love this system as it allows me to pick up my parcel before or after work, as no one is at home during the day... Furthermore, the lockers will be in strategic areas in Singapore, which allows me to choose the location to deposit my online purchase at my convenience.

Sarahh Ang

It's a culture that takes time for people to get used to and to trust. As it evolves, this system will take us forward to better exchanges. As with any system, abuse will creep in.

Ken Koh

A locker system would reduce the workload of postmen doing deliveries and reduce the occurrence of delivery failures. The only disadvantage is that parcels may hog storage space if addressees are slow in collecting them.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

What are the pros and cons of enabling retail pharmacists to relieve the workload of doctors and the strain on hospitals and polyclinics?

Pharmacists in Singapore all hold degrees in pharmacy... They are professionally trained in topics of pharmacology, pharmacy practice, and dosage form design.

The rigorous training puts them in good stead to do more than help patients manage their common coughs, colds and the flu.

Sarah Chan

Minor illnesses can be treated over the counter at pharmacies... instead of spending a long time queueing at clinics.

Peter Tan

This should be only for minor illnesses, such as slight fever and/or aches and pains. For young children and the elderly, I am not comfortable for pharmacists... to do any prescription, due to the risks involved.

Lynn Flint-Sung

How can the education system best cater to the needs of children with special needs? What common core of knowledge can be imparted to them?

There are many kinds of special needs that need to be addressed differently...

Will there be enough teachers to cater to such students? Things like transport, too, have to be considered as it is not cheap, especially for those who are immobile.

Siti Nor'aini A S

How can schools and the Ministry of Education better work together to retain younger teachers? What are some best practices that can be implemented to address this?

There is a big gap in the teaching practices of schools versus what NIE (National Institute of Education) teaches. People get a very nasty shock.

NIE must prepare student teachers by letting them know, as a guide, how schools are run - committees, CCAs (co-curricular activities), marking, and so on.

Han Zhi Hao

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