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A writer suggests reprogramming traffic lights to make it clear when drivers must give way to pedestrians at junctions. Are such measures necessary?

Yes. It cannot be green for both cars and pedestrians at the same time. It should turn green for cars (to turn) only when the green man starts to blink.

Otherwise, it should stay red to give priority to pedestrians.

Ken Teo

Make sure there are cameras installed to tackle errant and arrogant pedestrians too.

Louis Seah

Recently, I noticed that the pedestrian green light will come on first for a few seconds before the other light turns green.

This will prevent motorists from trying to zoom past before pedestrians start crossing.

Liang Denern

How can parents curb their "kiasu tendencies" so their children are not under undue stress?

Parents have to know their children's abilities. Not every child is academically inclined... Instead of hothousing children with endless hours of tuition, allow them to develop and grow at their own pace and to the best of their innate abilities.

A child's worth is not determined by his PSLE grades.

Au Kah Kay

I can choose not to pressure my children and free them to learn at their own pace, but the school curriculum and the teachers are not allowing me to do so.

Children develop intellectually and psychologically at different paces, but streaming and the national examinations at Primary 6 force them to fit into a mould for which they are just not suited or ready.

Baba Benjamin Chew

Would you welcome the option for customised price plans for electricity? What factors are most important to you in considering this proposal?

The most important factor is, of course, lower prices at the end of the day... consider how fibre broadband subscription prices have fallen since the market was opened to competition.

Jimmy Beany

When I was living overseas, there were frequent knocks on the door by persistent sales representatives from different energy companies asking me to switch providers.

It was annoying. And despite the "competition", it was never cheap too.

Ang Lixing

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