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Are we too reliant on insurance? Should it be used for all medical needs or just for big, unpredictable bills?

How do we quantify what a small bill is? Most outpatient specialist fees are not covered anyway, and the bill can be thousands of dollars...

MRI and CT scans are expensive and these are usually not covered... in fact, there should be a push to cover such outpatient bills as well, not eliminate coverage.

Mirabelle Flores

It's human nature not to act responsibly, especially in situations where responsibility is greatly diffused (like the concept of insurance), so really, the only way is to ensure that the healthcare sector does not abuse its position and overcharge patients simply because they are fully covered by insurance.

Nicholas Cheng

Can we prepare for parenthood?

I became a first-time dad at 41. Between my friends, colleagues, parents, books, the Internet, and well-meaning strangers, I must have had a gazillion nuggets of advice and wisdom...

But the minute my daughter entered the world, all I learnt became just background noise. My wife and I had to learn as our child grew.

Parenthood - it's a journey best experienced, not read; just make sure whatever you do, love is at the heart of it all.

Jeffrey Yeo

Both mother and father have to be mentally and physically prepared before the child arrives... If any one of them feels he/she is not willing to have a child at the particular time, then it is better to put it off...

Parenting is not just providing the child with necessary food and comforts; it is also taking care of the physical and mental aspects of your child.

Sangha Vandana

Classes on parenthood help to a certain extent, but they exacerbate our already paranoid, kiasu tendencies; to have first-time parents fussing and trying to ensure they remember to apply every point they have learnt in their parenting classes can be ridiculous.

Baba Benjamin Chew

With the transformation of the economy, which skills will become obsolete and which will remain relevant, and why?

Cyber security... But if you want a more solid rice bowl, healthcare or education is a good choice.

Peter Tan

Jobs that will always be in demand in Singapore - psychologists, domestic helpers, caregivers, teachers.

Vaishna Lee

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