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Should riders for medical insurance be abolished? How can overconsumption of medical services be discouraged?

Look at the root of the problem and not blame the people who buy riders, which are not cheap...

When the insured get sick, they depend on their doctors to choose their healthcare options...

The insurance industry should review the process of claims and verify claims with the doctor if they appear to be unusually big.

Why be punitive with those who are paying premiums for riders?

Shawn Goh

No one wants to be sick just so they can claim on their insurance. Riders are there so that when we are sick and require lengthy and expensive treatment, we have one less thing to worry about.

Angela Wee

To focus on overconsumption is penalising the majority for the minority.

Spruce up restructured hospitals. Add more beds and woo doctors back... The typical waiting time for a non-life-threatening operation can be months.

Those who decide to take the private hospital route due to the long waiting time at public hospitals cannot be faulted for overconsuming because they want to get treated as soon as possible.

Oh Chun Wei

What skills will students need in the future economy? How can educators balance between teaching them specific skills and generalisable abilities?

Going too general will result in students lacking the specifics needed to grasp the principles behind a subject.

Generalisation is causing students to lose interest in their studies because they can't find a direct application to their lives.

Michael Lee

If you read job descriptions, there are specialisations employers want you to have. After you specialise, then you generalise. When you generalise first, you won't even be able to get your first job easily.

Maruko Chan

Between the ages of 12 and 16, students need to learn a bit about everything, from the arts and humanities to science, maths and computers. Specialisation should come after that.

Liu INan

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