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How can we tackle personal mobility device (PMD) users who ride recklessly but are incident free?

Just because only a "small minority" gets involved in accidents doesn't mean we can safely assume that the rest are responsible. It's just that they have yet to get involved in their first accident, or managed to get away after a near miss or minor accident, which may not even be reported.

Charis Mun

So long as a PMD is motorised, it has the potential to cause grievous injury or death. Licensing and third-party insurance should apply to everyone, regardless of how careful or responsible he is.

The vast majority of motorcyclists are careful and responsible, but motorcycles are still required to have third-party insurance and registration.

Au Kah Kay

A simple solution is to install humps with proper signage near bus stops, zebra crossings, playgrounds, parks, entrances to schools... where human traffic is heavy...

These give a nasty jerk that would force e-bike/scooter riders and cyclists to slow down.

Bob Ridwan

How important is housing in the decision by young couples to have children?

It's right to obtain a roof over our heads first... Yes, we can stay with in-laws. But there are space constraints as the child grows.

Juliet Li

If you feel you need a flat, go get a flat. If you feel you are not ready for more financial burden, then get it later when you are ready.

Ho Kok Koon

How can national pride and identity be instilled in Singaporeans?

You can show your national pride by making your country a better place to live in... Be an active citizen; actively demonstrate your love for your country by being part of its political process. Continually strive for a better country for all. Lastly, be confident to show you are proud of your country.

Sangha Vandana

If you are truly proud of being a Singaporean, you are always ready, to the best of your ability, to keep Singapore going, be it as an NSman, a community worker, or via volunteer work...

You will want to know its history and its path to independence. You will try to understand the strength and the vulnerabilities and what it takes to survive and prosper. Start by appreciating and understanding all the cultures, because this is what makes the country unique.

If you are truly proud of your country and think it is going the wrong direction, you may choose to join a political party and make a difference. But don't just sit at the keyboard and complain.

Alex Foo

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