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Should schools arrange their activities around parents' schedules? How can a better balance be struck between children's education needs and parents' job demands?

Why can't parents sacrifice some annual leave to attend parent-teacher meetings to understand their child's development?

Nian Li Ping

Not all parents can easily plan for holidays, especially odd-job workers or shift workers. These parents would love to know their children's progress as much as other parents.

Please don't just assume that everyone can take time off easily... sometimes, one needs to work overtime. Compromises have to be made on both sides.

Linda Ho

Companies have their own leave policies. My company does not allow the taking of ad hoc one-day leave except in urgent cases...

Please do not penalise parents who are unable to attend school functions because of their work.

I yearn to be a stay-at-home mum who can attend all of my son's school functions, but my current situation does not allow me to.

Ida Njbb

Is pragmatism standing in the way of innovation?

The biggest example of pragmatism here is the fear of failure... Stop the glorification of "success stories" and delve into the drive and determination of the rest of the pack who have the guts to ride the storm...

Those who dare must know they are not alone.

Ken Koh

Pragmatism is not the opposite of creativity and innovation. In fact, they should go hand in hand, for mindless innovation that has little application in reality is useless indeed.

Nurturing innovation needs to start at the primary, secondary and junior college levels.

While there have been many good things done in this area, one bugbear is the assessment of creative activities and subjects. More must be done to assess such subjects in a way that actually encourages innovation instead of stifling it.

Chang Fong Chua

The crux is identifying those with innovative ideas, be they students, mid-career professionals or retirees.

Urge these individuals to come forward and share their ideas with qualified advisers who can further sharpen the ideas and point them to other resources.

Dave Lim

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