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What do you think of a pasar malam theme park idea? Would you visit such a theme park? What would you like to see offered there?

I'd like to see it as a platform for individuals running their own little "cottage industries".

Go to any little market in the UK and you're bound to see items for sale that are made by people at home.

For more fun and diversity, car boot sales - selling your unwanted household items (like scuba gear, golf clubs, toys, and so on) from the boot of your car - could be held in carparks on Sundays.

Gregory St George

Singapore pasar malams have been selling the same mundane stuff. They're not going to attract people there any more.

Try the Taiwan style - allowing more to venture into street food hawking, and food trucks to introduce more authentic family specialities and food products, with a variety of themes.

Emily Yip

Pasar malams died when shopping malls began their existence in housing estates. They would not survive in this era when everything one wants can be found in these shopping malls...

A successful pasar malam is festival-based and offers festival items. It has to be a short-term affair.

James Wang

How can Singapore cut down on energy use? What instances of wastefulness have you observed? What do you think of nuclear power or other clean energy sources?

Every household should be equipped with a physical monitor that actively tracks real-time (energy) usage and cost.

Part of wastage is that we do not visually see what we are using and get a clear picture only once a month.

Jun Cai

All building owners and mall operators must be made to increase the air-con temperature by 2 deg C...

All HDB blocks' common lighting should be equipped with motion sensors to turn them on/off - too much wastage to keep the night lights on.

Philip Phay

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