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How can there be more trust between doctors and patients? What can each side do to improve the relationship?

Treat doctors with respect, and patients as customers. Doctors should not feel agitated when patients bombard them with questions and should try to put patients at ease...

Patients should not behave as if they are smarter than doctors, with questions arising from information gleaned from the unreliable Internet.

Due to a heavy workload, doctors sometimes show bad bedside manners, while patients throw tantrums due to long waiting hours.

Both sides must learn to give and take.

Sangha Vandana

Doctors are following their standard operating procedures, but they should at least show some care and kindness to patients.

That is the best medicine to comfort them, and reduce the pain and frustration, both physically and mentally. It can also help the family.

Jim Chua

Trust has got to be earned. There is some level of trust there when a patient sees the doctor. Anything else after that has to be earned.

Margaret Chong

With many players in the market, what should parents consider when looking for a tutor or tuition centre for their children?

Parents should evaluate if the child will benefit from extra lessons, and not just jump on the bandwagon because they are afraid of losing out. I wonder why one would put his child through another gruelling session of classroom teaching. Does the child really need it?

CC Tay

For young children, classroom group tuition is the same as attending school. They tend to pay less attention in class, thinking they have a second teacher to rely on at the tuition centre, and vice versa.

Private tuition one-on-one will be more beneficial.

Whatever the case, only willing and interested learners will benefit the most.

Shir Shirley

If we have to send our children to another school to learn what they just learnt at school, I'd question the school and our education system.

Goh Suhan

A writer says that as most retirees will ultimately need medical and nursing care, we should build more nursing homes rather than retirement homes. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Having nursing homes is one thing, but do we have enough resources and manpower to run them? I personally feel more government-run nursing homes should be built, as retirement homes cater to those with money.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Ideally, the elderly should live with their children, with a maid to help out. Nursing homes should be the last resort. Will more nursing homes result in more children abandoning their parents?

Mustapha Kamal

Build integrated homes for the aged, combining a retirement village and nursing home side by side.

Shmuel Lee

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