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What safeguards should be in place to protect investors? How can they be made more aware of the risks in any investment?

Wealth relations officers who sell bonds must have a checklist in layman's language to ensure investors understand the risks. This should be translated into Malay, Tamil or Chinese for those who do not understand English.

Also, make it compulsory for bond issuers to be rated.

Sangha Vandana

Should the Changi Creek dock be closed for security reasons? Is there a way to keep the dock without compromising border security?

Do we really need that jetty for fishery business in the first place?

If security matters more - which is rightly so, in view of terrorism these days - and the authorities think it is not safe for the dock to remain open, there is always another way or another place for the fish market to operate.

Peter Tan

Install more high-tech surveillance cameras and increase Police Coast Guard patrols.

Chow Mincheong

Should bus drivers drive multiple routes or just one? What are the pros and cons of interlining?

It's best for drivers to stick to one route. Their working hours are long and tiring; concentration is very important so as not to be involved in any accidents or accidentally take the wrong route.

Roger Tan CH

Interlining is the same as multitasking in other industries. Bus operators benefit when their bus drivers drive multiple routes. It improves efficiency, as operators may reduce buses on one route and deploy excess drivers to another, more profitable route. For bus drivers, it adds value and raises their worth to the operator.

Loh Wai Poon

Consider the different capabilities of drivers and pay them accordingly. If one can manage only one route, pay at Level 1; if two routes, pay at Level 2, and so on. This will motivate the abler ones to work at a higher level, while allowing others to remain at their level of comfort.

Allan Tan

The issue with interlining in Go-Ahead's case is that drivers may not have adequate time to train for the new routes, which can be daunting... A slower, more gradual transition to the new operating scheme should be considered...

There is technology to help as well, such as the new dashboard display unit, which shows the schedule and route details on a map to guide the driver.

Liu Xinyu

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