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Are jobseekers unprepared for the realities of the workplace? How can we improve the match between jobs and workers?

If there is a perception among employers that local graduates lack the right skill sets, local universities must relook their curriculums to adequately address gaps in the teaching of new skills and knowledge required of jobs in the current environment.

Au Kah Kay

Sometimes, we have companies which do not offer career advancement... And some companies expect workers to automatically have skills without training their staff.

Even entry-level jobs require a minimum of two years of experience. How can a fresh school leaver apply, even if he has the right qualifications?

Fadly Azad

How can safety be improved at the workplace?

Workers of any level must be able to stop work when danger or potential danger arises. They must be empowered to speak out if they feel unsafe... Put the right people in the right job. Ensure proper training on the use of equipment. And lastly, safety officers must do their job in enforcing safe practices.

Solomon Tan

Ensure new and old workers are familiar with safety regimes and pay them collective bonuses for reaching safety milestones.

Jeff Leong

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