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Should the private sector be involved in big infrastructure projects? When can its expertise and resources best be tapped?

Never place an important strategic asset in private hands. We do not need lessons from privatised airports in Canada to give us the reasons not to. Just look at the National Stadium/Sports Hub and SMRT.

Kok Chwee Sim

Must keep such projects in the Government's hands - it is a matter of national pride and interest.

Alan Low

Engage the private sector as consultants first.

Sam Chng

How can older workers be encouraged to continue working? What changes can be made at the workplace to make jobs suitable for them?

Don't reduce their pay just because of their age... pay according to ability and performance. Don't assume that just because they're older, they don't need the money or don't have commitments.

Christina Teh

Allow older workers to choose the timing and days that are suitable for them, for example, working three days a week or half days from Monday to Friday.

Dolly Peh

The Government needs to conduct in-depth studies on Japanese labour and workforce methodologies... it's not just about implementation. There is a lot that the Japanese can teach us.

Alvin Fong

So long as the economy works largely on capitalist principles, it will not be possible for old people to work because workloads can be demanding and bosses are not willing to create jobs that cater for their capability. There should be positions that are reserved for older people.

Han Zhi Hao

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