On Facebook

How can we retain the human touch when communicating in a digital age?

The human touch is anchored in the creation of a message by another person. So there is no difference between writing a letter with paper and pen versus a text message on a smartphone.

- Frank Young

We should keep a balance between text and verbal communication. People in the pre-Internet age survived very well using phones and meet-ups, with little miscommunication.

- Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

How can we ensure that seniors living alone are not overlooked and get the support they need?

For a community-based system, we can pair single people or volunteers with the elderly in their neighbourhood.

Our social workers have their work cut out for them now, and we should be boosting their ranks and trying to build relationships with elderly people from early on.

- Nafeesa Docura

We can use technology to help them connect to family members living in Singapore or overseas.

For example, we can place tablets that are Internet- and mobile-connected in their homes, with buttons that make calls to someone the elderly person wishes to talk to.

You can have buttons for neighbourhood care centres, religious groups, social workers, doctors and emergency services. The buttons could also be used to call family members.

Through the devices, care service providers can send out reminders on medical appointments and community activities, as well as reminders to take medication.

- Caleb Tan

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