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How can we better prepare maids for roles in eldercare? What sort of skills should they possess?

The most important trait that a caregiver/helper must have is patience. Eldercare requires a lot of it.

Mitch Oyonoyon

True eldercare cannot be done by maids. You need nurses.

Amy Law

It is time to let the old be cared for with the help of qualified local social workers and not maids. First of all, the maids are here as domestic workers only, to do cleaning, for instance, definitely not eldercare, because that would require a higher salary as a trained profession.

Eugene Wong

It's just sad that many rely solely on their helper to care for their elderly parents. Yes, you need help, as you are working, but it's no reason to expect your helper to learn everything from caring for those who are bedridden to house cleaning and even preparing food for the household...

As a main caregiver, if you can afford it, send helpers for proper training, as looking after the elderly is not easy. We cannot expect helpers to be alert 24/7, as they need rest too.

Siti Nor'aini A S

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