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Will a change in focus at law schools help boost the uptake of community law? How can lawyers be encouraged to move into areas that lack manpower?

Given a choice, many lawyers will prefer criminal law instead of corporate law.

It is natural to follow where the money goes.

Sangha Vandana

Despite the glut of lawyers, there is still a vacuum at the mid-career level and a shortage of community lawyers... To further encourage more to go into community law, there has to be recognition that community lawyers are not inferior to corporate lawyers. This requires a mindset shift within the industry.

The oversupply of lawyers in the corporate sector should eventually balance itself out because of natural market forces.

It will be impossible for the legal sector to always have a perfect balance - sometimes there will be a shortage; other times, like now, a glut.

Lavanesan Swaminathan

Control the student intake to match demand from the start.

SuRina Young

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