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What is a good way to intervene when you come across bullying incidents or violence?

I had my fair share of spankings. I realised then and now that I had a bad attitude and I needed to be disciplined. My parents had to do what they had to do - it was not because they enjoyed it.

Had I not received the disciplining, I believe I would have headed down a very wrong path. I attribute what I have today to my parents and their firm hand in raising me.

But slapping a one-year-old hard is not right. That is more for an argumentative child who is rude and demanding, and unwilling to listen to reason.

The experts can say what they want... but, sometimes, a measure of discipline is needed. And I won't judge another's parenting style as I do not wish for others to judge mine.

J SP Filmer

Slapping the face of a child who is calling for his mother is a no-no. The transgression, if it can even be called that, is too minor to warrant a physical form of punishment.

That said, the spanking I received as a child did me no harm. I wonder what others think of the caning of children as a disciplinary tool. Is it child abuse?

Daniel Chia

I did go to my neighbours once and tell the parents to stop the beatings (the child was in Primary 1 then). I approached them nicely and told the mother to stop.

I guess we have to look at the situation: Whether the beatings have been going on for some time or if they are life-threatening.

We have to use our common sense.

Approach the parents nicely and if they are unhappy about it, at least they know that someone around knows what they are doing and may report it the next time round.

Siti Nor'aini A S

In what ways can Singapore support local athletes and attract foreign sporting talents to ensure a win-win scenario?

Attracting foreign sporting talent is a good thing, but it is now done as a lazy alternative to the arduous task of developing local talent.

Lee Kee Seng

Grooming a local talent to become a champion takes at least 10 years and the result may not be as expected.

However, this is still better than taking the faster route: Changing the citizenship of overseas champions to Singaporean.

In China, they send very young children to government-run sport schools and the children live there.

Only a few, out of thousands, become champions. The sacrifices that are made are very great.

Kihon Go

Establish a good support structure for local talent. Set up a solid coaching network - by bringing in foreign coaches or training local coaches up to international standards...

Support the athletes financially, psychologically and so on. Give their parents at least some medium-term confidence that the athletes will be looked after.

Andy Tan

Be it local or foreign talents, there aren't enough facilities to groom them. We need to send them for overseas training... but, of course, most importantly, we need government support.

Lai Cheong Fatt

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