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Should more practical skills be taught during PE lessons? If so, what sort of skills should be included?

The fundamentals have to be taught well. I notice that many students do not adopt proper posture when standing, sitting, walking, running, and so on, which can result in chronic problems later in life.

Teach them stretching and warm-up exercises that they can do on their own. These will help loosen them up, especially when they face stressful days.

Colin Chee

Teaching self-defence skills would be useful.

Watt Jaz

Inclusiveness was a key theme in this year's NDP. In what ways can we continue efforts to embrace those with disabilities?

People with special needs are often creative, mentally stronger and much more resilient...

Research has shown that companies with greater staff diversity and inclusive principles and policies will foster better working relationships among colleagues and stakeholders.

In addition, this will allow space for creativity and critical thoughts to be nurtured. Singapore is at the forefront of a new paradigm shift.

Acceptance of the community is a matter of "when". Hopefully, soon enough.

Julius Wong Fong Cheng

What did you think about this year's National Day Parade? Which were your favourite moments?

The best segment was the one by the Singapore Soka Association and the song-signing... simple and beautiful.

Roslee Khalid

The balloon drop and massive confetti shower were my daughter's favourite parts... But like most people, I missed the Red Lions, flag fly-past, aerial stunts with the fighter jets, outdoor fireworks and artillery parade.

Sherley Servos

I wondered about the Badang story. How many people have heard about it? Even if it's relevant, the presentation made no sense to those who have no knowledge of it.

Jgh Ling

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