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A writer says celebrating Racial Harmony Day and having children of different races interact in school is not enough to foster social cohesion and racial harmony. Do you agree? What can be done to improve this?

Many young people nowadays don't seem to have friends of different races, as they did in my time in the 1980s. Now, having a close friend of a different race is even rarer. This lack of positive interaction seems to continue into tertiary institutions and even into the workplace. This isn't good for Singapore.

Caroline Ning

Racial harmony starts with children in schools. They did not have the privilege of growing up in a kampung. Let them learn about the different facets of various cultures. Let them look at old news about racial riots and what people did then. Let them taste the different types of "ethnic" food and drinks. Let them play the different games of the various races.

Ai Ling Niel

It's a good start but still, there's more to be done. Racial Harmony Day should be marked at all levels - secondary schools, Institute of Technical Education, junior colleges, universities. It would be good if it can be extended to the workforce. Next, the foreign talents who are living or working here must do their part to learn about our culture and racial harmony.

Roslee Khalid

A purse designed by a student with autism has made waves recently. What can be done to further promote and support the talents of people with disabilities?

There isn't enough public awareness. More can be done to reach out to the masses. If not for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife Ho Ching who carried the purse at the White House, how many would have known about the student's and school's efforts?

Ixac Tan

Rope in the rich tai-tais, celebrities and those often in the limelight to do what Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife Ho Ching did... such "copycats" would be great for getting the right exposure for these schools and their students.

Siti Nor'aini A S

I think it starts with the media... turn the spotlight on what's happening in this segment of the society. A weekly dedicated page in the newspapers for such causes would be great.

Sam Low

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