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Is a single room a luxury for patients in nursing homes? What are the pros and cons of providing single-room facilities?

My mum stayed for one month in a single room at Peacehaven... The pro was the privacy. She had a bathroom to herself. She could sleep without any disturbance and the room was not hot. The con was loneliness, as there was no one to talk to. If anything happens, there is no one to call for help.

Clarice Viola Pereira

Some people prefer privacy and do not want to mix with others. If they feel comfortable that way and can afford to pay, then abide by their decision. It is a win-win situation on both sides: The home earns more if the charges are higher for a single room, and the patient is happy.

Peter Tan

Cost is the foremost concern for me. Quality of nursing-home care is not as important. Most make their decision based on costs. I think the ones who can afford the luxury don't need assistance from the Lien Foundation, Khoo Chwee Neo Foundation and Salvation Army.

Pat Eng

What effects do risque games have on youngsters? How can inappropriate behaviour be reined in?

This saga exposed the kind of mindset some university students here have... Singapore spends too much resource in developing the mind while neglecting cultivating the heart.

Yap Thian Beng

Guys who have gone through national service (NS) know that Hokkien vulgarities used in army camps revolve around human sex organs and sexual acts. It is understandable that guys continue to use them in orientation activities. The guys are just fresh from NS anyway.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Do you consider your car an extension of your home and personal space? How would this affect the Government's plan for a car-lite Singapore?

It is a necessity. It is great family bonding time in the car, getting from one place to another.

Lai Yin Leek

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