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Will the lack of a live Olympics broadcast affect participating athletes?

It won't, as there are still delayed telecasts.

Because of the time difference, it makes sense to watch delayed telecasts, otherwise, people will need to sacrifice their sleep to watch the events live at night.

Sangha Vandana

Not really, for all athletes feel proud to take part in the Olympics. Winning is not the issue. Knowing the whole world is watching you is enough to make you proud.

Peter Tan

Do you talk about death with your children or parents?

It's better to face and address the issue than be deluded. I have talked to my husband about my death arrangements. I have also talked with my elderly mum. I do not think avoidance will make it go away, and I would rather address the issue.

Lynn Flint-Sung

It is a path we must all embark on. It is better to get things done beforehand than to have the responsibility fall on your kids.

Chia Beng Chuan

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