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Would you take a blue-collar job if the pay is comparable to that of a white-collar job? What can be done to draw more Singaporeans to become plumbers, electricians and mechanics?

Singaporeans need to view jobs not just based on prestige but also on utility and function. Yes, working as a plumber may not be as glamorous as working for a bank, but when the toilet is backed up and your floor is covered in raw sewage, even bank CEOs will pay any fee for immediate plumbing work to be done.

- Marcus Poon

Nothing bad about being a plumber or a carpenter. They are professionals in their own right. I definitely would not mind if I am being paid $30 to $50 per hour as a carpenter or a plumber.

- Calvin Tham

Some may prefer an air-conditioned office desk-bound job, even if the pay is low, rather than get their hands dirty as a mechanic, plumber or electrician. Pay alone will not attract some workers, as there are more (important) factors other than an attractive salary.

- Peter Tan

What qualities should a good MP have?

Heart, soul, vision, skills, charisma and good judgment... Empathy (not sympathy) must co-exist with impartial decisions. An MP of this stature will bring his constituents together and attract good fellowship.

- Ken Koh

An MP is one who represents the people. He should be able to (balance) common people's needs and concerns and the strategic approach of the Government. An MP should not care only about how to manage his party interest, but should be vocal when needed and move on and do it when the time comes.

- Joshyx Tan

A good MP should give input, feedback and unfettered criticism when necessary on national policies to better the lives of Singaporeans.

He should not be overly concerned with municipal issues... I'm not electing an estate manager or landscape architect. He should also be articulate, humble and approachable.

- Jenny Teo

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