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How can households save water?

A reward system for water conservation, instead of added tax for more consumption, may be a viable solution.

- Voltaire John Tan

I always use washing machine water for other cleaning purposes... We could have a special pipe link our washing machines to a water collection centre, and the town council can re-use the water for cleaning blocks/floors.

- Ng Ah Seong

I agree with the regular water rationing exercises. Not to save water but to be ready for unforeseen circumstances, like war or disasters. Always good to be prepared.

- Solomon Tan

Is car sharing a good alternative to public transport or owning a car? Would you take part in such a scheme? Why or why not?

I am already using a car-sharing service. Still cannot replace a car... Some issues I face are difficulty in booking a car during peak periods, restrictive rules, and sometimes, the car is faulty.

- Dare Chia

Given the situation in Singapore, it's better to encourage people to give up private cars. But the Government should come up with ways to improve public transport services.

- August Moon

Car sharing removes the pain of ownership. It's the best of both worlds - I can still use the MRT for convenience and to cut costs, yet, get privacy with a car when I need it.

- Ken Koh

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