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What can be done to remove the stigma attached to mental illness?

Redefine and rename mental illness... in such a way that it does not mean you are mad and a risk to the public.

- Harry Chia

Maybe we can start by educating the public about these mental illnesses, and try to make them empathise with these patients. Make a skit or short videos.

- Nur Lydia

What can be done to improve the living and work conditions of migrant workers here?

There are established meal catering companies in Singapore which should be interested in providing decent cooked food at agreeable contractual terms.

- Yeo Yam Hwee

Instead of making employers provide housing and food, just make sure they pay the workers a decent wage on time. The workers should take care of the rest themselves.

- Masu Mi

Give them cards with pre-loaded credits to purchase food from foodcourts and hawker centres... Employers should be required to load the cards with credits monthly.

- Nicole Tan

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