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Should certified nurses and pharmacists be allowed to prescribe medicine?

Many pharmacists are more well-versed than doctors. They go to the wards and look at all the medication patients have and inform doctors about the interactions between each medication.

Ruth Ruth

Pharmacists could be medication consultants who could advise better suitable medication looking at the medical records of patients.

Nurses should not prescribe medication as they are only trained in patient care, unlike pharmacists.

Best is to let each group of medical professionals do its job to avoid causing complications.

James Wang

Yes for both. It's long overdue - allowing certified and qualified nurses to do it, and their job scope to evolve. Likewise, pharmacists should also evolve, reinvent and transform their job scope to add value.

We need to change our mindset of a typical hospital's hierarchy where the doctor has a higher status than pharmacists and nurses.

LeAnne Lai Heehee

What are some ways to better protect consumers against losing deposits when companies shut down unexpectedly?

Is this any different from signing up for gym memberships? It is a chance you take.

Francis Chong

Make it mandatory for them to cough out a banker's guarantee and not a performance bond .

With a banker's guarantee, companies must have cash with their banks and cannot use it for their accounts payable and other expenses. It's like an escrow account held by LTA and subject to forfeiture if they default... The financial pain is there.

Ah Kow Tan

Will the latest cooling measures rein in property prices?

To prevent a property bubble, which would affect all property owners and banks, the targeted measures are prudent. All these (are) to prevent property prices from escalating.

Harry Chia

I think resale private may go up. HDB, not much effect.

Albert Cheow

Has the hawker culture reduced people's cooking abilities? How can we encourage more people to cook and consume home-made food?

Let's say your work ends at 6pm, by the time you get home it's about 7pm. It will take me at least 45 minutes to prepare a simple meal with two to three dishes... plus you have to do the clean up.

Thomas Yeo

The blame should not be pinned on hawkers. They do decent business. Without hawkers, we may not have ready-cooked meals. Schools should consider giving cooking lessons, then these kids will have basic cooking skills.

Alex Chee

Not lost the ability, but with the crazy working hours, people simply have no time or are too tired to cook!

Ail N Alia

While it may be tough for some to cook at home regularly, try learning those slow-cooked dishes that you can store for days, making pasta sauces that can be kept for weeks, and stews that can be frozen for months.

Colin Chee

(TV) channels like Food Network have made cooking even more popular among the younger crowd. The problem, as many others have said, is time.

Dare Chia

Increase rental and make hawker food more expensive, then people will cook.

Terence Lim

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