Older staff valued at SingPost

I am 67 and I have been with Singapore Post for nearly 40 years. 

SingPost raised my family, and I am surprised at Associate Professor Mak Yuen Teen's concerns about older members on the executive committee ("Don flags worries about SingPost"; Wednesday).

Even though I am 67, SingPost has allowed workers like me to continue to contribute to the company. It is good that the company is willing to listen and adopt our ideas, which were gathered through the years.

At SingPost, we approach every challenge as a family and the experience of older staff continues to be valued.

Of course, SingPost must employ younger people, but institutional memory and experience are important.

Singapore has benefited from long-term political stability.

The stability of SingPost has a lot to do with older people in the company like me who stayed on to provide guidance to the company as well as to younger workers.

Tay Kok Cheng

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