Older drivers are still more vulnerable

I empathise with Mr Joe Cheng who had to stop working as a private-hire driver due to his age (Raise upper age limit for private-hire drivers; Dec 27).

It is pivotal for people to continue working for as long as they can, as this will enhance their economic and social well-being.

However, we must look at each occupation and, in particular, the kind of work it entails.

Being an elderly private-hire driver can be stressful, especially when road safety here leaves much to be desired.

Driving as a vocation requires speed and mental endurance with good eyesight and hearing, which seniors may lack, and this could pose a safety risk to them, their passengers and other road users.

Although it is important for older drivers to pass medical examinations, they are still more vulnerable as they age.

There have been sudden-death cases of older drivers due to heart attacks, despite them being certified medically fit to drive.

Thus, the safety of everyone on our roads should not be compromised.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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