Offer solutions to problems rather than raise fines

A traffic policeman checking on a car at a traffic light along Toa Payoh Lorong 2.
A traffic policeman checking on a car at a traffic light along Toa Payoh Lorong 2.PHOTO: ST FILE

Simply increasing fines and jail terms for road traffic offences is another case of punishing the behaviour without offering solutions to the problems (Harsher penalties on the cards for driving offences, Feb 22).

A better approach would be to offer ways or provide alternatives to change and correct these bad driving behaviour and habits.

For example, I have noticed that some drivers intentionally slow down when approaching junctions, even when the lights are green.

Some people have suggested installing countdown timers at traffic lights to help approaching drivers react accordingly to the anticipated change in the lights.

Such countdown timers can be installed at accident-prone junctions or busy intersections.

The Traffic Police or the Land Transport Authority should explain why such a system has not been implemented yet.

Another problem is drink-driving. I believe some drinking establishments provide drivers as well as taxi services for those who have had some drinks.

Perhaps enforcement officers should be deployed at major drinking spots to spot the drink drivers before they even get behind the wheel.

Drinking establishments can also work together with taxi companies to provide special subsidised rates for rides home after drinking.

The mechanics can be worked out, but drinking establishments must be roped in to promote the "do not drink and drive" safety message.

Lucy Ng (Madam)

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