Offer incentives to modify workplace for seniors

I agree with Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng that we need to rethink our concept of retirement ("Learn how Japan creates work suitability for seniors"; Wednesday).

As we live longer, we are mathematically required to work longer to sustain the extra years.

But beyond just modelling after Japan, in terms of its people's spirit of working until they can no longer work and making working hours flexible for the elderly, there is more that can be done by companies and the Singapore Government.

We can learn from Germany, where many companies not only have flexible working arrangements for their older workers but also modify their working environment to suit these workers. These changes include bigger fonts and adjustable desks.

Our Government could introduce schemes, incentives or grants to companies to modify their workplace to suit older workers. This could be similar to the Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme.

Ng Chee Siang

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