Objection to 377A not about religion, but about what repealing could lead to

What is missing from the opinion article by Professor Tommy Koh are two basic issues which go beyond whether to keep or repeal Section 377A, and which will determine the direction Singapore takes today and in the decades ahead (Section 377A: Science, religion and the law; Sept 25).

The first is the value of the family as the cornerstone of society.

Assuming Section 377A is repealed, there will very likely be a clarion call for same-sex marriages to be legalised, followed by such unions to adopt children and the demand for all other civil liberties.

Next could be a call to classify anyone who calls homosexuality a sin to be guilty of a "hate crime" and the demand to desexualise children, starting with removing separate boy/girl toilets in schools.

Same-sex marriage is increasingly being recognised across many countries, including Asian nations. Our response should be - why should Singapore follow?

The second issue is where one should draw the line on individual rights and human rights. How about animal rights?

Underground animal brothels are growing in Germany.

Only recently, Denmark outlawed animal brothels following public disquiet.

However, such activities have gone underground. Canada's Supreme Court recently ruled that some sex acts with animals are legal as long as there is no penetration.

Whether one believes in God or a higher being, the fact remains that there are men and women in this world.

They were intended to procreate, ensuring the existence of humans. And this process has continued for thousands of years.

It is basically a law of nature.

Eric Lee Siew Pin

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on September 28, 2018, with the headline 'Objection to 377A not about religion, but about what repealing could lead to'. Subscribe