Nursing home policies just a paper exercise?

Mr Andy Seet, of the Agency for Integrated Care, wrote that the Ministry of Health has worked with the nursing home sector to develop and implement the Enhanced Nursing Home Standards, which outlines the standard and quality of care to be provided for all nursing home residents (Promoting a safe space for nursing home residents; Aug 23)

However, in the past decade, while tending to my ageing parents, I have written and phoned the Ministry of Health regarding certain health standards and regulations laid out on its website. It has always replied that it is involved only in the development and regulation of policies, and has no jurisdiction over how the various nursing homes implement them.

If this is so, then why not let the nursing homes come up with their own competitive policies?

Mr Seet also wrote that more homes now have gardens and paths for use by residents.

But what good are these when most residents are frail and hardly mobile, and nursing manpower is short?

I am also unsure what Mr Seet is referring to when he mentions "quiet rooms".

Room sharing is common in space-short Singapore. The elderly are prone to snoring heavily or making sudden loud noises when they dream. Dementia patients are generally loud, and even shout.

Is he referring to rooms with only one bed?

Ho Kok Fei

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