Numbers in report of TKD federation checked, verified

We refer to Dr Tan Chew Wai's letter (Govt must step in to audit TKD federation's finances, Nov 19).

We would like to clarify that Sport Singapore has checked and verified the numbers against audited reports.

There is no evidence of misreporting and we concurred that the discrepancy was a transposition error during printing of the annual reports.

We informed Mr Daniel Tay of our findings on Oct 11 and treat this matter as closed.

Mr Tay has also acknowledged and responded that he is convinced that Singapore Taekwondo Federation's finances are sound as the discrepancies had been accounted for and explained.

Sport Singapore takes very serious view of good governance and works closely with the National Sports Associations to ensure due attention is given.

Mr Parameswaran Seenivasagam

Deputy Director of Public Relations

Sport Singapore