NTU takes harassment complaints seriously

We refer to Mr Sebastian Tan and Madam Goh Sock Hoon's letters (Stronger actions can curb sexual offences on campus; and Disappointed by lack of info from universities; both on Oct 6).

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) places utmost importance on the safety and well-being of our students, and allegations of harassment are taken seriously. The NTU Students' Code of Conduct states clearly that all forms of harassment are prohibited. It also includes information on the reporting of misconduct. The university has well-established procedures and sanctions for such offences.

All cases, when reported, will be treated confidentially. If the alleged offender is an NTU student or a staff member, the person will be subjected to the university's disciplinary procedures.

Disciplinary actions in the past included expulsion from the hostel or university, mandatory counselling and further rehabilitation. The case may also be referred to the police.

An experienced staff member will discuss with the student who reports an incident the options for redress, and support will be offered, including by counsellors from the University Wellbeing Centre.

The NTU Ethics and Compliance Committee also maintains oversight of all allegations and complaints reported to it, including non-compliance of any applicable code of conduct and discipline, and ensures they are appropriately investigated and resolved.

University-wide, NTU has been reaching out to students to build a culture of mutual respect and to publicise that any form of harassment goes against the spirit of the institution.

Mandatory briefings on harassment and misconduct are held for student organisers and freshmen participating in our transition and orientation programmes at the start of each academic year.

We thank the writers for the opportunity to clarify the matter.

Associate Professor Victor Yeo

Deputy Associate Provost (Student Life)

Nanyang Technological University

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