NTU not dampening innovation in beer-brewing incident

In the case of the undergraduates who were brewing beer in their hostel, we must not criticise Nanyang Technological University (NTU) or accuse them of killing "innovation" (Don't kill undergrads' entrepreneurial spirit, by Mr Michael Lum; April 16).

Innovative but illegal entrepreneurship is still wrong. Such a project will cause trouble and run into trouble with the law.

The true problem of the issue is that the students had possibly broken the law and were brewing beer in an inappropriate location.

We have to be aware of the fact that NTU could have been much harsher, calling out the students and handing them over to the authorities.

We cannot accuse NTU of dampening the students' entrepreneurial spirit when it is simply the responsibility of the hostel manager to keep the hostel clean and prevent illegal activities from going on.

In fact, NTU is right in pointing out the legal framework in place for the students to further the Binjai Brew business, should they wish to.

However, although NTU does lend assistance to student start-ups, it can take more action in steering these undergraduates towards the correct, established path for entrepreneurship.

Leroy Cheong

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